Is a Ground-Based Casino Different From an Online Casino?


What is the difference between a terrestrial and an online casino? The differences seem obvious, although there are many points that we won’t think about at the beginning. So if it’s important for you to differentiate between the two, please read our material, in which we explain all the topics related to the issue. It will tell you about the key possibilities of the online edition, but also the venues you will find in the city and from which you can go to this exclusive place. We invite you to read it and we already wish you huge cash winnings, because these are waiting no matter what option you eventually reach for.

Before we get down to business, we’ll add that casinos – no matter what the distinction – are places that offer gambling entertainment, most often in several different editions, from slot machines to table-topped versions, bingo or scratch cards. You can literally reach for everything in this area.

Ground Casino


Landlines are relatively rare, especially if we take into account certain limits set in some casinos. These are places to go and are usually located in well-known hotels or take up large buildings in the city center. To get to the casino you usually need to wear proper clothes and evening wear, although this is not an absolute condition. The lion’s share of the games in this area are slot machines as well as roulette, blackjack, baccarat or hold’em tables. These are the most popular varieties, although it seems obvious that they are not the only ones. The main advantage that attracts users are the real dealers, who run the game and with whom you can interact. Usually a casino of this kind has its own cash register, where after entering, you will replenish your chips and buy them for real cash, then after the game is over you will exchange them back for real cash.

Land based casinos are considered to be exclusive places where you can win big money, depending on the tables you choose to visit. Of course, there is a great deal of adrenaline at stake, competition with a real person or people, the possibility of interaction and all the conversations that will bring the premises to life. There is also an interesting atmosphere, which is hard to reproduce in any other way. If you are looking for adventure and at the same time you put the real world above everything, there is no need to wonder.

Online Casino


In the online edition we can also talk about a certain uniqueness, no doubt about it. Anyway, in order to go to such entertainment, all you have to do is choose an Internet address and go to it. The registration process is available for every adult person. Filling in the form is not time-consuming, all in order to make the issue easier and make you immediately go to the fun. In order to start the competition you need to make the first payment. It is good to analyze the topic properly and choose the place where you will find the option you use every day. These can be Visa, Maestro or Mastercard payment cards, but also prepaid cards, internet wallets or classic transfers. Each site is different and unique in its own way, so unlike landlines, it is good to be choosy and choose a combination that simply fits you. There are so many options, that you do not have to worry too much about this element here.

Internet casinos use many interesting promotions, which is in a way their domain. Every self-respecting operator will try to provide you with as much entertainment as possible from this particular category. Thanks to this, you can count on a cash top-up, which is often 100% higher than the indicated amount, right from the first transfer. In other words, if you transfer PLN 500 to your player’s account, you will play for PLN 1,000. You will often additionally receive a set of free spins, i.e. spins in the indicated machine, without incurring your own costs. This is compounded by a number of tournaments, lotteries, cashbacks, reload bonuses and all the other challenges that are so varied. There’s no denying that the more you get, the better your opinion of the company and the easier the game is. Besides, the online edition is also a huge variety of games to choose from. Some casinos offer up to 1,000 video slots, i.e. slots that can be played on a desktop or laptop, and often also on a smartphone or tablet. There are so many options here that they cannot be limited to table games, bingo, scratch cards, video poker or live releases. And what is it? It’s also a kind of variety that allows you to compete with a real dealer who interacts with you and shows you everything step by step. In terms of online, we can’t talk about the adrenaline of this level, which, on the other hand, with maximum stakes, you will also play for the jackpot cumulative, or progressive winnings. Some games, like Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods, offer prizes ranging from a few to several million Euros. This is very much more and incomparably more than in almost every land-based casino you’ll find.

How is a Ground-based Casino Different from an Online Casino?

Above we have given most of the characteristic features for each of the casinos. Of course, there are more differences, from customer service to 24-hour online casino operation. We will now focus on a small summary that will show you exactly what to expect and how to match the product exactly.

  • Stationary casinos have their own unique atmosphere, often also the premises themselves and the people staying there, which is without any difference in casino comparisons more beneficial for this option,
  • The online editions are 24 hours a day, they are reliable, and the whole is licensed in a given country, guaranteeing the security of personal data, but also of funds in a given account,
  • For online casinos you only need proof, you can also play from bed, as well as on the phone and all mobile devices,
  • Online casinos have much more promotions, both short and long term, as well as a diverse range of games to suit even the most demanding person,
  • Fixed locations offer us the possibility of direct interaction, which may be lacking in the network edition.

The above elements will always apply to individual preferences. Some players prefer real gameplay in a real place where they can discuss the game. Others, in turn, value privacy and tranquility, which can only be achieved in their own home. Therefore, while the differences are significant, one option does not exclude another. We advise all those who are interested to use both solutions, so that they can gain experience, which then translates into a more secure game. Anyway, not fooling around, it’s mostly fun, and you have to know everything!