Play the Casino Wisely


Once you want to play, read this article before you start losing and it will be too late to get your money back! I am a recreational casino player with a long experience, I have gained some experience.

You won money in the casino? You want to start playing? Think before you get caught up in a casino trap, you better read this article so that you know where you stand or where you start falling from before it’s too late to get back what you lost. It’s all about the human psyche, not tactics or fancy game systems.

If you’ve already reached the first sentence after reading the title, that’s great, don’t leave us until you’ve reached the end, and that can save you a lot of money and problems in life and with yourself.

You’ve come to our site because you’re interested in gambling, I don’t know if you’ve played or never tried before. There are a few things you should know before you do it or play again. Gambling (not only the casino, but also sports betting, scratch cards or even the stock market) is not a fairy tale about Snow White is created by profit-oriented people to pluck you, and from time to time to let you win so you don’t lose faith and hope. Casinos are created to make a profit and no player will interfere with it. Of course, all according to the statistics, not today? Next time, the casino will come out on its own. Most of the players will lose, and a few will win and then lose what they won. Confusing? But how simple.

Statistically, you’re A Loser If You Think You’ll Win


At the beginning of a player’s career, when you manage to win, the casino will trap you, acting like a magnet that will push you to play again. A positive experience is coded in your brain’s memory: WINNING. From now on, you won’t think long about your losses even if you experience more losses than you win. You’re lost because you think about your winning, once you’ve succeeded? Why not the second time? If you win a second time in a row, you’ll be even more lost. You will feel indestructible, like a comic book hero, you have discovered a golden system that no one has yet discovered! You obviously deserve the Nobel Prize… until you lose all the money you’ve won, and that will come sooner than you think.

Why Are You Playing?

They say it’s for the money, right, but the second important factor is: ADRENALINE. She acts like a drug, like a rollercoaster in an amusement park, once you experience her she will accompany you all your life and you will never forget it. Recently I watched a documentary on NC+ about war reporters. Whoever went to war for the first time to take pictures experienced such a strong dose of adrenaline, and this feeling pushed him to go back there again. Nothing amused him in life except to experience the war again. A very strong example, but a similar feeling is also present in the casino.

If You Want to Play.

If you want to play at the casino, you need to know that there are statistics and psyche working, plus all the great powers of the casino, just to keep you from leaving them. The advice? Be strong, set limits and remember! The money you spend in the casino is already lost money. Use it as paid admission for a ticket to the merry mistress. You bought it, you lost it. If you manage to win the amount you’re happy with, don’t go back there the next day. Set a limit. I won? I’ll buy something for it and go back to the casino in no less than 2-3 months. Can you do that? You won’t get hurt, you’ll enjoy the casino and you won’t get infected.

I’ve been Playing for Over 10 years.

I’ve been playing for 10 years and I’ll tell you that these ways work. But there are no ways to make systems work (except counting cards in Blackjack or playing poker). For me, a casino is an entertainment, very not often practiced. I never thought I could make money in a casino and I won’t think so. I set strong limits, I don’t take ATM cards to the casino, I go in with as much cash as I want to lose and have fun. Can it work? SUPER! But I’m not coming back next day or next week. You break the rules, you’re a loser. The casino is an entertainment that shouldn’t be practiced too often.

Gambling is Often an Addiction.

I know a lot of people. All gamblers are losers. Nobody managed to win by playing often and thinking they’ll win. People like that think gambling is something important in their lives, and that’s a mistake. Take care of other things, start running, buy yourself a canoe or jump from a parachute. I talked to a taxi driver once. He told me how he played it in the casino, he managed to win a large sum for the first time. He got caught up. He kept playing, day after day, with small amounts. After a month, he lost all 10,000 that he had won before. Then another 10. After two years, he stopped playing. Sometimes he managed to win, but in most cases it was bad. He left the casino, but he would have quietly bought a new car for the middle class, he had memories left, a desire to buy himself and the Audi 80 because he couldn’t afford more.

The Winners Also Appear.

On the other hand there are many winners in the casino only most of them return and lose everything. Man becomes stupid with his winnings, the brain is trying to remember only that good emotions. How wouldn’t you do that? You won? Invest the money, buy something for it and get rid of the fact that you can win more. I once won 20,000 for a one-armed bandit, played on losing about 5,000, I realized that. I stopped playing for 2 months with my possible but very probable defeat before my eyes. Then I came back to the game with my winnings in mind, but I didn’t have them anymore. I spent on a trip and some gadgets, I also played the old-fashioned way – small stakes and not often. It came into my blood and I became a recreational casino player who sets limits and sticks to them. Everything is for people, you just have to have the right attitude.