Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming via Mobile Phone


The mobile phone has become the device of choice for entertainment on the go. This means that more and more users have replaced their computers with smartphones to enjoy their favorite TV series, play video games or place bets in their favorite online casino.

Mobile gaming is certainly the innovation of the moment and all the best Italian casinos are equipped to offer opportunities, whether it’s casino apps or mobile sites, to play directly from your smartphone.

If you are a die-hard video game fan, you may have considered trying out an online gaming service. As online gaming grows and develops, more sites are coming up with new ways to entertain the player. You are now one of them if you wish to play online games using a mobile phone. The idea of a gaming service is that you purchase a gaming module and download it onto your PC. You then can play games online while on the go.

Most of these sites offer access to games for mobile phones running on Android or iOS operating systems. There are many websites that offer free trials of games and enable the player to try before they buy. If you have been wondering whether you could enjoy the games that you have always wanted to play when on the move, the answer is ‘yes’ even if you are travelling with a mobile phone. It is simple to use the device to browse through the hundreds of available games. Mobiles are great devices to play games with because of their small size. Some sites even provide special tables so that the players can play with mini consoles and controllers.

You can also browse through all the games without having to load the page in your mobile phone. You can actually see how the action is unfolding and do so using the mobile phone as the controller. These gaming sites also allow you to view the different genres of games that are available. There are some that cater to the players who are fond of racing games and others offer card games. You are sure to find something that will make you feel like a racing enthusiast as you take in the sights and sounds of the race. There are some that also allow you to join in chat sessions with other users of the website. This feature is very helpful if you have friends who play the same games as you do and are always asking for tips about the best way to play them.


You do not have to pay any fee to be able to play any of the games you want on your own mobile phone. These sites allow you to use the device even if it is turned off. When you want to play games, you simply have to turn the mobile phone on and hit the ‘send’ button. Once this is done, the game is loaded onto the device. With these sites, you are assured of privacy. They do not store any information about you or your IP address and all the games are created in such a way that they can only be played from one site and cannot be transferred to another mobile phone. Gaming sites are fast becoming a favorite among gamers who travel with mobile phones. These sites are convenient and allow you to enjoy games even if you are on the move.

But from a gambler’s point of view, it’s worth wondering if actually using a smartphone is a better option than the good old-fashioned desktop PC to play your games in an online casino. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing in mobile casinos.


  • In general, the mobile phone allows you to play from anywhere at any time. We carry the mobile phone in our pocket or handbag and can also use it with one hand. Normally, however, a computer requires a support surface, which automatically limits the variety of places where we can use it. The smartphone is therefore undoubtedly the most suitable device to allow us to play while we are on the bus or on the subway, or when we are in a queue.
  • While the PC often requires to be turned on and we have to wait for it to be fully activated before we can use it, our phone is always ready to use. This really allows us to play casino games at any time and even when we have a limited amount of time to have some fun.
  • Often the computer is a device that is shared by several people in a house, thus limiting the privacy of the various users. The mobile phone on the other hand is, in the vast majority of cases, an absolutely personal gadget, which we do not share with anyone else. This allows us to have a higher level of privacy than the sites we browse or the mobile casino apps we have installed.
  • Some of Italy’s best legal casinos have ridden the boom in mobile gaming by trying to provide their users with unique and original options that take full advantage of smartphone features. An example are the mobile casinos that allow you to play by taking full advantage of the touch functionality of mobile to enjoy blackjack or roulette.
  • To encourage the use of mobile phones for casino gaming, many operators offer casino bonuses that are reserved exclusively for those who access or wager at the mobile casino. As a result, users who prefer mobile gaming can enjoy more bonuses and offers than those reserved for desktop players.


  • The most obvious disadvantage is the smaller screen size available to us. Attention, we are not talking about image definition or graphic quality, but simply size. It’s a bit like watching a movie on TV or in the cinema. It’s clear that the effect is different. When it comes to casino games, in which there is also written information (the value of the bets, the data of a card game, etc…) the small screen size of a mobile phone can create some problems.
  • Another disadvantage that you may currently encounter playing mobile casino games is that there is often a smaller selection of games in mobile casinos than in desktop casinos. The situation is rapidly changing, however this is a detail that remains true in a fair number of operators.
  • Incoming calls and notifications can interfere with or interrupt your gaming session. Although the game can then continue where you left off, once the call has ended, the interruption can be unpleasant.

Considering the details highlighted above, the choice between mobile and desktop casinos is really personal and must be based on the elements that each player considers most relevant to ensure a fun and engaging gaming experience.