Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming


Nowadays, in the rest of the world, remote gaming is becoming more and more popular online from pc or smartphone on dedicated sites or apps. This applies to all the different types of games offered online such as lotteries, poker, bingo, casino and more. The advantages of this approach are numerous, certainly many more than the cons but there are also those, or at least potential disadvantages. Below we try to describe each other objectively to provide the player approaching this world with some food for thought that we hope will be useful.

The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) is the guarantor of legality and security in the field of amusement and entertainment equipment and devices to ensure the transparency of the game.


Advantages of the Online Game

These are what we consider to be the main advantages of remote gaming:

  • You don’t have to leave home to play your favorite games because you only need an Internet connection and a laptop, smartphone or tablet to access the gaming sites; playing in this way can be very convenient. As far as casinos are concerned, of course there is no need to travel long distances as only a small number of players have the opportunity to live near a casino. In addition, playing from home you are not subject to restrictive rules or clothing (a classic until a few years ago in casinos) or bans on smoking or eating at the tables. In front of the PC at home you can do whatever you want.
  • Online gaming sites never close, you can play whenever you want and on any day at any time.
  • You do not run the risk of losing your bets and therefore no longer being able to collect your winnings; in almost all cases, any prizes won are credited directly to your gaming account. It is often the case that someone who buys, for example, a lottery ticket from a lottery ticket office will forget to check the results or will do so too late when the deadline for collecting the prize has expired. This does not happen when playing online, as you will automatically receive a notification if you win.
  • If these sites are certified and authorized by ADM they are perfectly safe to use and do not expose players to any risk.
  • Bonuses and rewards: One of the main advantages of online gaming is that almost all portals offer bonuses to encourage registration and use of new games; it is no exaggeration to say that this is the added value for a gaming site on the web. This is usually in the form of a bonus credit to play awarded once a deposit is made; most sites also offer additional bonuses and rewards to their regular customers. Bonuses are usually a % of the player’s deposited amount, typically ranging from 10% up to 100% of the deposited amount. One important thing to remember is that bonuses and rewards available on online sites are recognized under certain terms and conditions. visit the sites with us to get the bonus.
  • Ease and convenience of use: opening an account takes just a few minutes and it’s easy to deposit money and start playing.
  • The range of lotteries and games that you have access to is virtually unlimited; there is no problem finding the point of play that offers the lottery of interest and the same goes for other types of games; the main gaming sites offer a much wider range of games than a real live gaming room. Whether it’s table games, slots, video poker or other, you always have many options, with games that are always very entertaining. This may not be too important for regular players who are always trying their luck at the same games or lotteries, but it is still interesting to try something new from time to time.
  • On larger and higher quality gaming sites you can count on excellent customer support to help players who encounter any kind of difficulty or technical problem.
  • A secondary but not negligible aspect is that in online casinos there is no tipping requirement; in real casinos, however, not tipping is seen as unattractive behavior.
  • As a last advantage we mention the cost. This is not to say that online games cost less but that online you can find many games at very low cost; many sites also have free gaming options, so you can play or try new games without having to risk your money directly. This makes some online games one of the cheapest forms of entertainment available. Of course, this applies as long as you stay within “healthy” and non-pathological game modes.



The last point above allows us to introduce what are the disadvantages of online gaming; they should not be overlooked at all, but rather they should be evaluated carefully. Some advantages are, in other ways and from another point of view, also disadvantages: availability, breadth of offer and low costs. Pathological gambling, or a bit inappropriately ludopathy, is a behaviour disorder falling into the diagnostic category of impulse control disorders. Similar to a drug addiction, the pathological gambler shows a growing loss of control over gambling, increasing the frequency of bets, the time spent gambling, the amount spent in the apparent attempt to recover losses, investing more than his economic possibilities and neglecting the commitments that life demands of him. The Web allows access at all times to an immensity of games practically H24; moreover, while the traditional gambler was forced to play in dedicated places not always easily accessible/accessible, the Internet allows the player to access the game directly from home or from any other place. The ability to play away from other people’s eyes reduces the chances of the player becoming aware of a problem and setting limits. Online gaming is a sedentary activity and spending long periods of time engaged in this activity can lead to health problems, problems with work, psychological problems and ruin interpersonal relationships. In fact, one of the main disadvantages of online gaming is its inherent lack of physical and human contact. Many people find the world of online gaming extremely addictive and this can lead to neglect personal relationships and family life in favor of the game. On the other hand, one could argue that online gaming is a form of social contact in itself as it allows otherwise isolated people to connect with people all over the world and play, talk and form relationships that they would otherwise never have had. No less negligible is the fact that, since it is difficult to verify the age of the player, this phenomenon is likely to involve minors, despite the fact that current legislation limits gambling to adults. Several studies have shown that the phenomenon spreads exponentially during periods of economic crisis. It seems, in fact, that in times of difficulty people are more inclined to rely on luck, in the hope of obtaining easy profits that can put an end to their financial difficulties.

There are also some negative aspects more linked to operations, and for this reason they could be considered secondary. When you want to cash out your winnings, it may take several days before you see your money in your bank account or prepaid card. Unfortunately, the speed of cashing, or rather the slowness of cashing in, brings together several gaming sites. Even customer service can sometimes be a flaw in the sites; sometimes it takes days to respond, and the player may experience the unpleasant feeling of feeling “abandoned”.


We can conclude this long examination by saying that we need to approach the online game, but the same goes for the traditional one on “physical” channels, in a conscious way and without excesses. It is also essential to rely only on portals certified and authorized by ADM, the only ones for which there is a guarantee of fairness and transparency. For the rest, what counts is the “user experience” that is the user experience that each player can experience on different portals; if you want to get the best experience, sometimes you have to try and test different gaming sites looking for the “right” one. In this we try to help players by personally testing the different sites to try to provide useful and reliable guidance. By carefully testing and evaluating a wide range of different online gaming sites, we are able to compile lists that contain the best Italian gaming sites, although obviously we do not claim to be exhaustive or infallible.