All You Need To Know About Online Gaming


Since we are little we like games that recreate aspects of daily life. That’s why when video games came out it was a boom, taking the fun to another level. So technological advances have improved every aspect of our lives, even when it comes to playing games.

First Attempts at Virtual Games

In the beginning, technology had not advanced that much and games were created that today are classics, but they leave a lot to be desired over new technologies. Examples of these were games like Pacman or Mario bros, which still bring joy to the young and not so young.

At that time, the consoles were somewhat rudimentary and the graphics were pixelated, which made the desire to play more evident than the quality of the game. But now there’s so much progress in this area that you can play with 3D equipment. Consoles are getting smaller and smaller, and some have even been reduced to portable devices.

Technology continued to advance and virtual reality was even enjoyed, giving the opportunity to not only play, but to be part of the game. In this way, people moved to another level of enjoyment, including in the actions that had to be performed by the motor movements.

Types of Games

With the advances in this field, other spheres of the games have not only become more real, but more varied. For example, sports, combat, adventure games, competition games and mind games have been included. There is a variety for everyone, even the most adult can have their favorite games.


Sports Games

This is one of the most successful categories of virtual games, as it even allows you to practice your sports skills. Some of the most famous sports video games that exist are PES or NBA or MLB. Because football, basketball and baseball are the most famous sports in the world.

But these are not the only ones; there are games for all tastes, from golf to beach volleyball have their place in technological advances.

Combat Games

These are some of the most popular games, one of the most exciting categories of video games. Some have been so famous that movies have been made out of them, like Deadly Kombat. The truth is that these have also improved notably, making them a great source of fun for their users.

Mental Agility Games

This has always been very important, as you want people to learn to use their brains more and not the other way around. So technological advances have allowed more games to be played to speed up the mind. One of these, which has been played a lot, is Minesweeper, a game with mathematics and logic.

Online Gambling

Online casinos are nothing more than casinos that offer their services through the Internet. This way they reach more people than physical ones. Likewise, any game found in a real casino can be found in a virtual one. That’s why people have devoted themselves to play by these means and feel the adrenaline of using these services.

There are two options to play in an online casino, the first one is to download the application from it. This is the best option, as it offers the possibility of enjoying an environment more similar to conventional casinos.

On the other hand, you can play using a flash version, that is, playing directly from the Internet. In this case, many choose this option since they don’t have to download anything to the computer and it starts to be used faster.

Technology has allowed traditional casino games to be the order of the day in video game mode. That’s why online casinos are one of the best forms of adult entertainment.

Fun Advances with Technology

Due to the great advances in technology, the fun is now more striking; for others use creativity to make us play. That’s why video and virtual reality games are now at the top of the charts.

The fever of online games is already present throughout our country

The data published by Tragaperrasweb are firm on this point: it is known that there are more than 430 thousand people who have already developed some kind of gambling disorder (that is, a mental problem that affects the individual by making him play compulsively, with the consequences that this could have for his personal end and for his whole environment).

When we talk about online games we basically refer to online slots or the casino that is played through the Internet. One of the main problems is that it is much more complicated to control the individual (since you can play perfectly from home) and of course, establish a diagnosis that prevents the thing from going further.

It is also very important to hear the opinion of experts in the field, such as psychologists. They believe that preventive and corrective measures should be implemented to help protect minors who are affected or may become affected by this condition. We are talking about a disorder that has already been recognized as a disease, in the same way that alcoholism or cancer can be.

Without further ado, we have classified the most common advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.

Advantages of Online Games

Striking: They have very striking interfaces and extensive navigation details that, depending on the data being handled, are capable of stimulating several senses at once.

Coordination: It has also been shown to favour visual and manual coordination, which stimulates memory and the capacity to retain certain data. It helps users to be more active and interactive, promoting interactivity.

Curiosity: It also encourages curiosity and the investigative spirit of those who play it, increasing attention and the capacity for self-control.

Disadvantages of Online Games

Addiction: This is the great disadvantage we’ve been mentioning throughout the article. If they are not played with control they could become addictive.

Disorders: They can generate different disorders, such as sleep disorders, and the worst thing is that the user does not always realize he is suffering from it.

Supervision: It would require a constant supervision of a friend or family member to avoid doing in the addiction that they suppose.

This is all you need to know about online games.