Cloud gaming – The Best On-Demand Gaming Platforms


Cloud gaming (or gaming on demand) is a booming technology that is becoming an interesting alternative in terms of performance and budget compared to the purchase of a PC gamer. Attention all offers do not allow access to the same game catalogs and the same possibilities.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming or “gaming on demand” (by analogy to video on demand) is a new way to play. Thanks to this technology you can play the latest video games without the need for high-end equipment. Video games run on ultra powerful machines, remotely and the image is displayed on the terminal of your choice: your desktop, laptop, tablet and even smartphone. The computing power is dematerialized, a significant advantage for your wallet.

In order to access this technology you will need to subscribe. You no longer need to renew your computer components every year or every 2 years to be able to play the latest video games. Subscribing to an on-demand gaming platform gives you remote access to a powerful machine that can be used for gaming. Some services also allow you to use them for any other task requiring significant resources: video editing or photo editing for example. In short, you have a machine that is reserved for you, that is not at home and that is updated every year or every 2 years depending on the providers.

Who Are On-Demand Gaming Platforms For?


All gamers who want to enjoy the latest games in comfortable configurations without having to change computers often. But also to all those who have computers that are not powerful enough to run the games they want. No high computing power is required to take advantage of this technology.

If you also want to use a gaming computer from time to time to play and finish only one game it is possible. Once the game is finished you just have to cancel your subscription until you are interested in a next game. Depending on your playing time or the frequency of renewal of your computer, cloud gaming is a very interesting option.

How Much Bandwidth is Needed to Enjoy Cloud Gaming?

Please make sure that your connection meets the minimum requirements because if you don’t need a powerful computer, a good connection is essential to enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

Providers indicate that you need a minimum of 15 mbits/s but if you want to have the best gaming conditions and you plan to play in competitive mode prefer a very stable connection ideally in fiber with a speed of 30 mbits/s.

The Best On-Demand Gaming Platforms


It is important to know that the sector is in full development, that some companies are specialized in cloud gaming but this world is also beginning to interest the major Internet players: Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.. Their operations are not all the same and you will have to take this into account when choosing your provider. In any case, we have selected the best on-demand gaming services available today.

Shadow: the best streaming gaming platform to date.

Available for : Windows / Mac / Android / iOS / Linux

Learn more on the official website.

It is a French service, developed by the Blade company. The use of the service is subject to a monthly subscription of 39,95€ but you have one month to test at 29,95€. This is an interesting option if you have doubts about the quality of the service. There is no particular game catalog, since you have a machine on which you can do whatever you want: gaming, video editing, pao … it’s up to you to see what you want to use your machine for.

However, the configuration of the machine that is made available to you is adapted to enjoy the best games in the highest levels of detail:  

Graphics card GTX 1080

Intel Xeon 8 cores


256 GB of storage

The operating system installed by default is Windows 10 family version.

No need to worry about the machine’s proper operation, in case of machine failure the parts are changed quickly.

To sum up, with 39,95€ / month you have a state-of-the-art machine to play on any device of your choice and whatever the operating system (it also works on Mac!). If you don’t have a computer you can even use the shadow ghost (depending on availability). This box plugs as a source on your TV and you can enjoy your games in 4K directly in your living room!

Shadow is an excellent service, which has at heart to satisfy its users and to offer the best for the most demanding players. The company invests heavily in improving and evolving its services and is clearly one of the best cloud gaming providers in our opinion. Shadow still has room for improvement as this article shows however over 80% of users were satisfied with the service in 2018 and progress has been made since then.

PS Now: a limited service

Available for: Windows and PS4

Learn more on the official website.

To stream ps2, ps3 and ps4 video games from your console or PC. It is possible to play video games from the playstation catalogue without downloading them. Formerly compatible with Samsung and Sony TVs, this is no longer possible and the only platforms to enjoy them are PC windows and PS4. A service to know about the good games available but not one of our favorites. The price of the service is €14.99 per month or €99.99 per year to access a catalogue of around 500 games.

The geforce now service: a very promising service

Available for: Windows / Mac / Nvidia Shield

Learn more on the official website.

The Nvidia brand is known for the manufacturing of ultra powerful graphics cards that equip the best gaming pc’s today. In order to diversify its activities the brand already offers one of the best multimedia box, namely the Nvidia Shield TV, a gaming oriented multimedia box. It allows you to enjoy a complete catalogue of games on demand. The service is called Geforce Now and is also available on Mac and PC.

Thanks to this technology with a classic machine you can enjoy the best video games in 4K via streaming. The good news is that the 400 title catalogue is completely free as the service is currently in beta. We therefore invite you to test it quickly to get an idea of the quality.

Please note that you will need to register to be placed on the waiting list and finally have access to the service. For the moment the rates are not yet communicated. Although this platform is very promising it seems to us below what Shadow can offer because you will not have the same freedom. The games offered will be those linked to the most famous sales platforms (Steam, Uplay, etc.) but you will not be able to do what you want with the machine as with Shadow. Of course as with Shadow a fiber connection is preferred.

Blacknut: an original alternative

Available for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV

Learn more on the official website.

This service was launched in 2018 and is often presented as the Netflix of video games as the offers are so close. Of course Blacknut will allow you via its subscription to access a gaming platform on demand unlike Netflix which offers video on demand. The offers and prices are therefore very interesting with €9.99 per month for 1 screen and €14.99 per month for 4 screens.

Where the service is original is in its catalogue. The games offered are not the big blockbusters popular with the general public and competitive players. They are original games, classified by categories such as “Children”, “Address”, “Investigation” etc.. A family service for casual gamers that may be suitable for a certain type of audience. Compatible with most media the service will allow you to take a library of over 250 games with you everywhere, provided you have an internet connection.

The platforms that will soon be available

Microsoft : xCloud project

Recently announced by Microsoft, the xCloud Project is the firm’s cloud gaming platform. To put it simply, it is about offering a dematerialized computing power strongly inspired by the xbox. With its expertise in terms of video games, hosting infrastructure, no doubt that Microsoft with its xCloud can be a strong competitor in the battle of Game on Demand platforms. Thanks to this technology, Microsoft plans to make xbox games available even on mobile phones via streaming. With the quality of this console’s catalogue, gamers can’t wait to discover the definitive offer, which we’ll talk to you about very soon.

Google : Stadia

Another cloud gaming project recently presented by Google: the Stadia project. At the origin of Stadia, a test project: the “Google Project Stream”. The concept? to run the latest games in its Chrome browser in streaming. The stream project was successfully concluded on January 15, 2019 and Google recently announced that it will continue with its new service: Stadia.  Stadia is a cloud gaming platform that will be available during the year 2019. Google has not yet revealed everything but we will keep you informed as soon as the offer is officially launched. We expect an offer around 15€ per month for a catalogue of around 500 games. The interest of the service is to be able to enjoy it on all devices: TVs equipped with chromecast, tablets, smartphones, pc and mac.

Apple Arcade

Once again, Apple stands out from the competition with the announcement of a subscription service to offer unlimited access to its catalogue. Original games will be added to expand the catalogue already available. Will the app store available in unlimited and a few additional exclusives be enough to convince players to subscribe to this on-demand gaming service? Time will tell.

Although cloud gaming services seem to represent the future, consoles are not dead yet since we already know that the PS5 and the new Xbox Scarlett are in preparation with impressive computing power.