Hardcore Player Dictionary – Understand the Players’ Code


Players, especially in online games, use a very specific, extensive specialist vocabulary, usually consisting of various abbreviations – during the game, the speed of communication counts, so shortening everything is the norm. Unfortunately, such actions make the conversations of the more experienced players completely incomprehensible for a long time. The following dictionary of the most popular phrases from online games should ease communication problems a bit.

Adds – a term from MMORPGs that refers to additional, weaker creatures that are the dawn of the boss. They’re not very dangerous in themselves, but they disturb players in the fight against the boss and make it difficult for them in various ways, so they usually use the tactic of cutting out first (focus adds) and only then taking on the main opponent.

AFK – Away From Keyboard, a universal internet acronym, which is used to say that you leave your computer for a while, or that someone has left it, or “afczy”.

Aggro – acronym for Aggresion. In games with neutral opponents, mainly in MMORPGs, aggro means that the creature took the player on target and will attack him. Often aggro is undesirable when, for example, we try to get to a place and on the way the creatures “hook us up”, but the most important thing is in fights with bosses – if some weaker, less durable character “gathers aggro”, it can quickly die. Hence the institution of the tanka, i.e. a player who intentionally aggravates the enemy on himself, so that he does not attack more sensitive colleagues.

AH/RMAH – short for Auction House, a MMO shop where players can put their items on sale so that other players can buy them. Such an auction house is usually operated with gold or other game currency, but recently there has also been a Real Money Auction House, where you can pay with real money.

Alt/Main – short for Alternate, means an alternative player’s MMO. Often you can have several different characters in it, and the one that is played first of all, the most important is the so-called “main”, while all others are “alts”.

AOE stands for Area of Effect. This is how you define all the spells or skills of characters that work not for a particular target or an opponent, but for a certain area. These can be aoe attacks, but not only, because the term also applies to all other types of skills, such as healing or stunting/slowing.

Boss – a unique, very strong opponent in MMO games, placed by the developers at a specific point in the game, which requires the strength of several or even several dozen players to overcome. Fights with bosses can have many phases and are usually quite long, sometimes even hours long.

Build – a general term for a specific set of skills of a character in a MMO game or items bought for him in a MOBA game. There can be a lot of different builds for a given character, which are subordinated to a specific playing tactic.

BO/Build Order – a term used in network strategies, usually in RTSs. BO is a pre-planned order of producing units and putting up structures, a well-thought-out gameplay skeleton, the basis of the strategy for a given match – build order usually concerns only the initial phase of the game, because then the tactics change flexibly depending on the moves of the opponent.

Buff/Debuff – a term common to almost all online games, and referring to skills that give passive or active booster bonuses for allies (buff) or negative, weakening effects for the enemy (debuff). The term buff is also used in the context of the enhancement of a character/skill/bunch by game developers through game updates – the opposite of buff in this case is the so-called nerf, which is the weakening of something that was more powerful before the update.

Camping/Camper – a term used mainly in online shooters, and meaning lurking, planting an opponent. Camper does not change position, waiting for the enemy to approach it. In MMO games, camping means sticking to one specific location in the game for some specific purpose.

Caster – in MMO games a character or character class that attacks from the second line using different spells. This is how you determine both offensive and defensive mages, such as healing or supporting companions in other ways.

CC – abbreviation for Crowd Control, referring to a whole set of skills that somehow harm an opponent without directly damaging them. CC is mainly about stunning, knocking, knocking, blinding, silencing, immobilizing, slowing, and various other ways of disturbing an opponent in battle or movement.

Counter – Contra is usually a skill, character, or unit whose special features negate the action of an enemy skill, character, or unit. In most cases, the appropriate use of a counter changes the course of the entire fight or match in favour of the counter.

Crafting – a set of skills and characteristics of a character in MMORPGs that allow him/her to create new items from different kinds of resources found during the game.

Crit – short for critical, refers to critical damage, usually from MMO and MOBA games. Critical damage is drawn in them, but you can use the right skills and items to increase your chance of hitting a Crit chance.

CTF stands for Capture the Flag, a classic multiplayer mode, mainly from online shooters. The fun in CTF is to steal the flag (or any other object) from the enemy base and transport it to your own base, while preventing the enemy from doing the same with our flag.

CQ – short for Conquest, another classic multiplayer mode. Conquest, also called Conquest is based on battles for a number of strategic points scattered across the map. The goal is to control most of these points, or all of them if successful – usually a point can go from hand to hand many times, but some variations of Conquest only allow a point to be occupied once.

DC stands for Disconnect, a universal term for online games, meaning disconnecting from the game or losing your Internet connection.

Def stands for Defence, a general term for defence used in the most diverse contexts in online gaming. Usually means a command to move to defensive action.

DM/TDM – stands for Deathmatch, the oldest mode of online gaming, in which each player hunts all the others alone, and the winner is the one who managed to kill the most opponents at the end of the round. TDM is Team Deathmatch, a team variant of the game, in which all killings of players go to the account of the team – the winner is the one who will have more at the end of the round.

DOT – short for Damage Over Time, referring in online games to various skills inflicting damage even after an attack. Usually it’s all kinds of poisoning, arson or other abilities that impose some kind of effect on the hitter, causing further loss of life.

DPS – short for Damage Per Second, one of the most common terms in online gaming, indicating the effectiveness of a weapon or attack in terms of damage dealt per second of combat. In MMORPGs, DPS is also a set of character classes whose primary function is to inflict as much damage as possible on the opponent, constantly throughout the duration of the battle.

Drop – a general term referring to objects “dropped” by enemies killed in the game. Drop is most often cited in the context of the percentage chance of getting an item from a given type of opponent – it is said that such and such an opponent “drops” such and such items when you kill them.

Dungeon – in MMORPGs, a closed location designed for a smaller group of players than usual, probably organized into a team, more demanding and abounding in more difficult enemies than normal gameplay, but also giving access to better, often unique prizes and items.