All You Need To Know About Entrepreneurship in Sport

After a few years in college, you have decided it is time to have your own business. Entrepreneurship in sports is on the rise and therefore this choice should generate positive results. Despite knowing this, many Physical Education professionals still get confused when it comes to entrepreneurship.

To give a hand, we created this post to present the main areas in which the physical educator can undertake, in addition to telling how to invest in entrepreneurship in sport. Shall we go there?

What is Sports Entrepreneurship?

In short, entrepreneurship is the creation of a new business. However, in practice, it is much more than that! To undertake is to have successful ideas and know how to put them into practice in an efficient way, besides making the right decisions.


The first big clash that the entrepreneur needs to decide is in which market he is going to enter. To do so, one must take into account his profile and affinity, and carefully analyze the opportunities that are on the rise.

In this scenario, sports entrepreneurship has been standing out due to recent major events in Brazil, such as the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. Added to this, there is also the population’s search for a better quality of life, which is associated with the practice of sports.

To enter the sports area, then, it is necessary that the entrepreneur likes sports and is prepared to face the challenges that this universe offers. And you, are you ready? So, keep reading the post and discover much more possibilities involving careers in sports!

What are the Areas to Undertake in Sport?

Sport is a broad field of opportunities and, for this reason, there are many areas to explore, starting with the type of sport that will be the main focus of the company. Besides the different types of sports, the business segments can be very distinct and with varied focuses. We have separated some areas of activity below for you to get to know them.

Sports Marketing Agency

Marketing is a constantly growing business sector. It is through it that organizations make themselves known, get closer to their customers and achieve success in their business. Combining marketing and sports, therefore, is an excellent opportunity.

Entrepreneurs who want to explore this segment need to have basic notions of management and marketing. In addition, they need to understand sports and speak the language of the market. It is important to emphasize that the entrepreneur does not necessarily need to have all the qualities alone: he can build a team of people to help him!

The sports marketing agency is able to function in different ways. The two main ones to be worked by the entrepreneurs are: taking care of the athletes’ career or sponsoring and organizing sports events.

Sports Career Management

Managing a sports career is not an easy task. The person responsible for it must speak the language of the athletes, be able to put himself in their shoes and understand the world of sports. Physical Education professionals who take specialization courses in marketing are ideal people to assume this role.

The sports marketing agency helps the athlete in several ways: managing his personal life, indicating the best alternatives for eventual work proposals and taking care of the image before the public, fans and the market.

Organization of Sports Events

Sports events are an attractive niche market. They don’t necessarily have to involve elite athletes and can be aimed at the general public.

Most of the time, the population seeking a healthier life is engaged in sporting events and participates hard in those focused on their practice. Runners usually sign up for amateur races in their city, for example.

Other sports that are successful and can be present in the agency’s repertoire are: tennis, beach tennis, soccer, futsal, volleyball, basketball, swimming, etc.

The agency acts creating the event since its rules, number of participants, dates and form of event. One of the main focuses is to attract sponsors that invest money in the event, thus reducing costs and aiming to obtain a profit for it. In addition, this is a good way to reveal or advertise the athletes who have a contract with the agency.

Functioning of a Sports Marketing Agency


The structure to set up a sports marketing agency is simple: computers, internet access, ergonomic and comfortable tables and chairs, adequate lighting and good image editing programs are enough.

The professionals need to be updated, friendly, helpful and with good contacts. For those who come from the sports area, but want to enter marketing, the training courses are excellent reinforcements to optimize the learning process.

School Specialized in Sports

Most schools specializing in sports are successful enterprises. With the search for quality of life, parents increasingly enroll their children in sports schools. In addition to the growing number of children, the amount of sports they experience also increases.

In other words, the children are great customers for these schools specializing in sports initiation. It is still possible to redirect learning to all ages, greatly increasing the niche of customers and providing more advantages for this sector. Check out some possibilities below.

Children’s Football School

Brazil is the country of football and that’s why children are very interested in the sport. Boys and girls of all ages are attracted by the kicking ball, and they ask their parents from an early age to join teams. Therefore, the football school has a great chance to become a successful business.

For it to work properly, the entrepreneur can have his own court, or rent one. This factor depends a lot on the structure of the city in which the enterprise will be set up, because in some big cities or capital cities, it can be complicated to acquire a plot of land of the ideal size for the construction of the court, being easier to rent.

In case you choose the rent, do not forget to pay attention to the contract and make sure that your school will be able to work in the place chosen in the time planned by you. Another important factor that should be taken into account when choosing the location is the location. The court must have easy access and preferably have parking and security so that parents can leave and pick up their children with peace of mind.

For the functioning of the classes, the entrepreneur will need to hire teachers and buy materials. The number of trainers, as well as the number of balls, vests, etc. will depend on the number of students.

It is interesting to stress that the classes need to be divided by age and that the activities should not be the same for all of them. Minor children should learn the sport in a playful way, to avoid injuries and there is no risk of them feeling pressured and unhappy, giving up the sport.

For older children, who already have the ability to understand the game and can work with victory and defeat, it is already possible to add strategies, tactics and competitions.

In addition to the football school, children can take an interest in many other sports, especially those played in groups. If you have conditions, a good idea of entrepreneurship are small clubs that receive children in the opposite shift from school and start them in different sports, so they can try all at the playful age until they decide for one to follow in the competition phase.

Specialized Schools for Adults

Adults are not left out of sports schools, however, interests change. Sports such as tennis, swimming and wrestling stand out for this age group. For this audience, the service needs to be more directed to the expectations of each student. So, the tip is to always conduct a short interview and keep in mind what each person is looking for in their school.

Other factors that are taken into consideration by this audience are the school opening hours, location and easy access and amenities such as parking, shower, towel, etc.

Specialized Schools for Senior Citizens

The elderly are gaining more and more space in the sports universe, either by medical recommendation, or by the will of relatives or themselves. The sports schools focused on this public can focus on the social niche, since the elderly usually feel alone and seek to find a group of companions in physical activity.

Therefore, sports such as dancing, water aerobics, pilates, walking, running and adapted collective activities are great options.

Who will work with this public cannot forget that in this phase of life it is necessary to take extra care with the needs of each elderly person. In addition, one must respect the difficulties and limitations of each one, and work so that little by little they can improve and have a higher quality of life.

How to Prepare for Entrepreneurship in Sports?


After knowing the enormous possibilities of the sports market, you must be wondering how to put it all into practice and prepare yourself to become an entrepreneur, right? Check out the tips we’ve separated.


Many sports entrepreneurs come from the Physical Education field and, even though they have a career plan, they don’t have much experience in running a company. Therefore, the first and perhaps most important recommendation is to learn about it. In fact, the lack of theoretical and practical knowledge can lead the business to failure.

It is possible to prepare yourself to undertake in the sport by reading books, articles and mainly participating in courses. They can be in person or online, the important thing is to find one that fits your expectations.

Draw a small plan of the subjects whose approach will be fundamental and compare with the description and content of the courses. This way, it is easier to find the ideal one for your business.

How to Put the Business Idea into Practice?

After much reading, the time has come to learn how to put the idea into practice. Perhaps that’s the most confusing part for new entrepreneurs, since they have a lot of ideas scattered in their heads, and most of the time there’s a difficulty in organizing them and making them possible.

The first action to be put into practice is thought organization. For this, we indicate to put all ideas on paper and to elaborate a linear thought about the enterprise.

To facilitate this, we recommend that a business plan be drawn up. If you have no idea what a business plan is and how you should proceed to create yours, don’t worry! In the next topic you will learn all about it. Keep reading!

How to Draw up a Business Plan?

As the name already says, the business plan is a document prepared by the entrepreneur that must contain all the data of the future company. In it, the information pertinent to the business will be listed as:

  • name of the company;
  • location;
  • products and services that will be offered;
  • market and competition analysis;
  • target audience;
  • organizational structure and infrastructure;
  • financial plan and initial investment;
  • return on investment analysis.

Based on this, there are some actions related to the elaboration of the plan that you can carry out to put the business into practice. Keep up!

Market Research

Analyzing the market is an important starting point for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. This research should include the data of the main competitors and future partners.


Before starting a business, you need to know which companies provide the same service or market the products and, from this point, start a detailed analysis of each competitor.

The new company in the market needs to find out what differentials it can offer so that customers who trust and are already used to the competition will start using its services or products. Making customers change their minds is not an easy task, so the differential needs to draw their attention.


Besides understanding how the competition works, another important point is finding future partners. Working with good companies from the beginning can facilitate and contribute to the growth of the organization.

Why is Good Customer Relations Important as well?

Finally, we’ve separated an extra hint for you to succeed in your business: serve well and listen to customers. That’s right! It sounds like a simple tip, but many companies sin on this issue.

Failing to attend well or not listening to what a customer has to say can be the end for a company, since consumer satisfaction should be the main goal of any business.

Therefore, train your employees well, offer them courses, create means so that your consumers can expose their opinions and always take them into consideration.

The sports market is conducive to investment and entrepreneurship in sport, so if you’re thinking of having your own business in this area it’s your time! But don’t forget: to be successful you need a lot of organization, planning and will.